Robert is that rare combination of business coach and healer in one. Yes, we worked together and created the structure I needed for more success and less stress in my work life. But at the same time, his way of listening helped my insights and awareness unfold, enabling change and growth in my personal life as well.
— Susan Gottlieb, VP and Wealth Advisor, Toronto
Robert has a unique gift in his ability to easily relate to people and create the type of environment of trust where true openness and learning occurs. He brings a sense of humor, a true sensitivity rooted in personal experience and a caring approach that make him a great coach.
— Sean Magennis , Chief Operating Officer, The Young Presidents Organization YPO
I own three businesses, and I was looking for someone to help me with time management issues. Roberts coaching went beyond these challenges.
His experience as a business owner has been invaluable in helping me with important decisions regarding hiring and marketing strategy.
He has a fantastic talent for identifying areas that were holding me back from reaching my goals. Once identified, we were then able to come up with a plan to deal with each one.
Working with Robert has been one of the best investments I’ve made!
— Angela Stephens, President, Springfield, MO
Thank you again for everything you helped me with. I’ve never felt so in control of my professional life or more confident in my skills and abilities as a designer. You totally changed my life this summer and I’m incredibly grateful for your help.
— Lauren Kennedy, Designer and Editor
I am a 63-year-old retired lawyer. I have been receiving advice from Robert Pal for one year and I am writing this testimonial as a clear indication of my high degree of satisfaction with the advice I have received across a broad range of issues.
I initially met Robert to discuss how to approach my retirement and bring into some order all of the competing interests that I had to deal with. Over the following 12 months those issues included family relationship matters, long-term goal discussions, Issues relating to current and future happiness and ultimately how to enjoy all aspects of my life  as much as possible.
Roberts approach is quite different than most advisers and counselors. He is remarkably practical and results oriented. At the first several meetings he gave me weekly objectives to deal with goals we agreed we wanted to achieve in the short term. It was amazing how quickly this approach became part of my daily life and it was very freeing for me.
We collaborated on what issues were on my mind and how to best approach the resolution of those issues. The most remarkable part of his approach however was his ability to find a creative approach to almost any issues when there wasn’t an obvious answer available to me before I met with him. This gave me an enormous amount of confidence and an ability to start creative problem solving on my own.
I could not be happier with the advice that I have received from Robert. I would strongly recommend Robert to anyone who is interested in candidly discussing issues that are troubling them and who want to creatively solve those issues together.
— Sam Johnson, San Francisco, CA
Robert recently helped me with interview preparation and coaching. Having found myself unexpectedly out of work, and with a dread of interviews, Robert helped me to understand my tendency to self-sabotage and opened my mind to see my blind spots. Using a very practical approach, Robert helped me see how dreaded interview questions could be addressed in a positive way that actually benefited me. This helped me build confidence and make a dramatic change to my interview performance. The results were fantastic. With my career now back on track, I attribute the significant personal shift to Robert’s skills and ability as a coach.
— John McGuffey, Toronto
I am so grateful for our work together. You enabled me to embrace the way my brain works and the tools you gave me have been invaluable. I now can identify when my ADHD is pulling me into scattered directions, and I know the exact steps I need to take in those moments to bring it all back into control. I use my planning and meditation techniques daily and the positive impact they have had on my life and my family relationships is awesome. 
I look forward to working together again in the future!
— Amy Stoddart, Chef & Owner, Say-She-Ate Cooking Studio
First off, i would like to take the time to thank you for your support, guidance and feedback over the past year. Since we meet over 20 years ago, as Entrepreneurs at the MIT 3 year program - we both have had our fair share of life experiences.  Marriage, Divorce, Children, new relationships, personal searching. The Selling  of Companies, Winding down Companies, beginnings of new companies and new life perspectives. 
Well, I wanted to share with you and others, that you- Robert, have a unique way of listening, framing the situation, stretching the mind, respecting the experience, challenging my conclusions.  You have walked the walk- as an entrepreneur, father, husband, friend-  going all in with your insights and perspectives.. You are patient yet persistent. It is very helpful to hear your wrap conclusions, the occasional check in or reminder,  as we build on our next session. Your supportive, nonjudgmental touch - allows me to be more comfortable- creating a space for me to allow myself to have breakdowns leading to my breakthrough’s!  Thank you!! 
— James F Kenefick , Managing Partner, Working Excellence, Former Chair of YPO International Corporate Social Responsibility
I absolutely loved working with Robert. When I started working with him I was struggling with keeping up with my day to day work load, staying focused and enjoying doing what I do. In the first few sessions I was able to pin point where these issues arrised from. Over the course of working with Robert we developed a personalized program for me, integrating mindfulness with developing skills, strengths and strategy. As a result I was able to find meaning and get into a flow with my work and life. Thanks Robert! 
— Angela Jacobson, Seattle , Washington
As CEO of a small business, life can be very lonesome and the day-to-day responsibility of running the business can be very overwhelming. One of the best business decisions I have ever made was to enlist the help of Robert Pal. As an entrepreneur and successful businessman, Rob is the ideal sounding board. He’s astute and his business acumen allows him to cut through the clutter of a problem, and provide sound and actionable solutions. In addition, Rob holds me accountable for my actions which is an invaluable motivator to get things done. Rob has been a source of inspiration, encouragement and unwavering support. He has helped me to articulate, and ultimately execute on tactics to achieve my goals, navigate through rough terrains, and the confidential nature of our relationships allows me to speak candidly about anything that is on my mind. I highly recommend Rob Pal time, and time, (and time!) again.
— Julie Grant, Chicago Illinois
Working with you has undoubtedly had a positive impact on my business. You are a great listener with a quick ability to understand the nature of any business situation- I am assuming this comes from the decades of hands on experience you had in building successful businesses. Your strategic, “out of the box” way of looking at things brings fresh perspective and has been extremely valuable to me in making key business decisions. I consider you a valuable member of our advisory team and look forward to many years of continued success & working together in the future.
— Steven Page, President, Founder Stalco Inc.
ADHD meds and trying ideas from so many ADHD books were not changing my life enough. Luckily, my ADHD psychiatrist recommended Robert to me, and just three months later Robert has provided me with the tools and coaching support to dramatically increase my confidence, self-esteem, and productivity – not to mention growing my small business. He has helped me follow-through on creating new ways and changing old ways, of living a more effective and fulfilling life.
For the first time in my life, I feel I’m running at my ADHD, not from it, maximizing the parts that a huge advantage, and mitigating or eliminating the parts that were keeping me from feeling and being successful.
— Mike Crum, Principal, Crum Group
The media business has gone through many changes and challenges over the past decade. Robert Pal has coached me through decision making and has helped bring out my internal instincts. Robert has a wealth of knowledge in the business world and gives me tools to make practical decisions. My time with him transforms and shifts my paradigm. With his unique perspective I’m able to view situations with greater awareness and come up with alternative responses.
— Aubrey Winfield, President of the Orange Lounge Group of Companies
Rob ‘s patient, intuitive understanding of people makes him an insightful and easy person to get along with. His capacity for long-term vision and his solid foundation in mindfulness are the perfect tools to provide meaningful support and guidance to those struggling with executive function challenges.
I owe a lot to Rob and I would recommend his services to anybody.
— Jonathan Nicolson,  Toronto, Ontario

I want to let you know that In the past week I’ve been slaying my workouts, I haven’t missed one, and I find myself looking forward to my next one as soon as I’m through the one I’m killing! Hellz yes!
I’ve also made myself accountable for reaching my goals, to an unlimited number of people by changing my Instagram page to a public page, and updating the name to @my_adhd_adventure
Through it I’m basically chronicling my adventures with ADHD and working toward achieving goals. Scary shit! I need to change the bio a bit but so far the response has been amazeballs! I’m amazed with my results and couldn’t be happier! It’s like my whole world changed for the better! You’re a legend, Robert!
— Jacqui Wilton, Whitby, Ontario
Robert’s down to earth coaching style made me feel comfortable right away.
His skill and expertise enabled him to evaluate my needs and connect me to tools and actions that helped me not only rediscover my dreams, but to start to believe I could achieve them.
His guidance and support continues to help me build faith and trust in my strengths and abilities, enabling me to take the necessary steps to make my dreams a reality.
I found Robert to be accepting, likeable, funny, motivational, intuitive and genuine.
— Shelly Logan, OCT, NZCT, London, Ontario
I’m inspired and impressed with your innovative approach to ADHD.
— Wayne O’Brien , Organizer, ADHD Support Group Toronto 
When I came to see Robert, I was a recently diagnosed 44 year-old whose life was in chaos due to my symptoms. Although I was in treatment, this did not eliminate my symptoms but merely made them a bit easier.

In order to improve, I had to eliminate 44 years of bad habits Robert helped me with these by reviewing chosen problems and using scenarios from the parts of my life where I was successful, to create solutions by transferring these skills to work around my ADD symptoms. We would then devise experiments to test the hypotheses, then measure and modify until we found a solution that would work.

2 of my biggest enemies in my daily struggles with ADD are lack of sleep and stress due to the condition. Robert introduced me to meditation as a technique to assist with both.
Robert’s help has been invaluable and his approach very personable. He genuinely cares about his clients and their wellbeing. I found his methods very personally tailored to my needs which is something I appreciate and also necessary for my continued improvement.
— Wilson Kendriks, Seattle, Washington
While I have read a lot of helpful material on ADD, working with Robert has taken things to the next level. I’ve learned how to slow down and take stock of what is happening, without beating myself up.
I have become a better communicator, my relationships have improved and I believe I have the skills to avoid getting depressed again.
— Alan Robson, Ottawa, Ontario
I started working with Rob about 2 months ago to learn more about incorporating meditation into my work like balance as a means of  helping manage my anxiety levels.   During our meetings Rob very quickly started  to explore the areas within both my personal and work life that caused me anxiety. He helped me recognize the triggers and develop very simple strategies to navigate the trigger points which very quickly resulted in lower levels of anxiety for me!   
The focus of our weekly meetings quickly evolved in to discussions about opportunities and challenges within my growing business and my personal life.  I quickly realized that in addition to the benefit of verbalizing the day to day business issues confronting me,  Rob was an incredibly savvy and experienced entrepreneur that had incredible insights which have already had an incredibly positive impact on me and my company. 
I consider my weekly meetings with Rob to be the equivalent of a personalized entrepreneurial forum group but with the advantage of having it all be about me!  
Rob’s advise is practical and grounded and is based on his own entrepreneurial success story.  
 I would highly recommend working with Rob to any entrepreneur that is looking for non biased outstanding advice on both a personal and business level!
— Stanley Sherman,  Miami, Florida 
Robert Pal has been tremendously helpful to me as an ADHD and business coach. I’ve suffered from an extreme case of ADHD for 25 years; it’s been a serious obstacle for me ever since I was a child. I’ve worked with numerous healthcare practitioners, therapists, and coaches to try to overcome my ADHD, but none were able to help me successfully. However, several months ago, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Robert. Since then, he’s been a wonderful asset in providing support with my ADHD, my business ventures and my relationships with others. With his guidance and support, I’ve finally been able to take control of my ADHD. I’m able to function and remain productive without the aid of medication, which is the greatest gift anyone could have given me. I appreciate Robert deeply, and I feel that I owe him a great debt for helping me when no one else could.
— Marc R. New York, NY
I know Robert to be a great leader. He connects powerfully with people, is authentic and has a diverse and deep level of personal, academic and business experiences to share.
— Chris Thomson, Head Coach Student Work Painting
Robert has proven to be a fantastic sounding board for me. He has far reaching experience, great communication skills and the right answers. His marketing and financial experience has been invaluable in helping me review various strategies and deciding which ones to focus on and his coaching keeps me focused on the big picture. On a personal note its great to have someone to talk to who doesn’t have their own agenda and who has experienced many of the same challenges.
He gets it!
There is hardly a day that goes by where I don’t recall his comments and advise, and now Robert sessions are a regular - and critical- part of my itinerary, and he’s an important member of our team.
— Gary Rotman, President at Life Assistant Technologies Inc

Health Care Professionals

Along with Robert’s support, clients are able to make changes that can greatly improve their quality of life.
He is able to formulate an understanding of the root issues in clients’ lives and use that to create a collaborative action plan with clients and to follow up on results.
He is adept at helping clients to recognize and target common issues related to all aspects of ADHD, mood disorders and anxiety.
Additionally he is helpful in addressing relationship and family issues related to ADHD that may arise for some clients.
Robert Pal is able to provide the missing link in ADHD treatment to clients.
— Dr. Gayle Klein, Psychiatrist
Robert is an outstanding coach who brings his considerable knowledge and experience to helping each client. His down to earth style puts clients’ at ease, and his approach is both flexible and directive. Clients’ appreciate how he zeros in to help them uncover immediate solutions, as well as solutions that will work in the long run.
— Susan Goldman  MSW  RSW Clinical Social Worker & Psychotherapist
Robert brings an important new approach  that is highly effective in improving clients executive functioning as well as their enjoyment of life.He helps shepherd his clients through a process aimed at maximizing their strengths and shoring up areas of relative challenge and weakness.
His unique process takes them through a reinforcement of their appropriate insight and a development of coping strategies.
I consistently get extremely glowing feedback from my patients who I refer to Robert.
They praise his understanding, insight, and ability to help them channel and deploy their efforts in a successful and consistent direction.
Robert is a caring, compassionate, committed and goal-oriented coach.
— Dr. Mayer Hoffer. Psychiatrist, ADHD Specialist
ADHD & Anxiety Solutions

Helping People Who Help

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation and satisfaction with the work Robert Pal has achieved with our team in a coaching capacity. Robert has been extraordinarily helpful, helping key team members of both Me to We and Free The Children with their marketing projects and strategies. Robert has provided great guidance, specifically in the areas of promotional marketing, online traffic and sales strategies, by being able to see each project from a big picture perspective.
— Marc Kielburger, Co-Founder of Free the Children & Me to We
Working with Robert has been incredibly powerful. I cannot tell you the name of the methodology he employed, since he never seemed to be “walking me through the process.” Instead, his guidance was personalized, and he was able to understand my concerns and challenges easily, even though he had no background in my field. I found that our meetings allowed me to step back, look at my work differently, and then move forward with renewed strength and vision. Despite the short period of time it has taken to make changes, I know that they will be lasting. The entire coaching process was both professionally and personally energizing.
— Rabbi Landsberg
Robert is a remarkable business man and a creative genius. Working with him is inspiring.
— Rev. Barbara Schreiner-Trudel Trauma Specialist, Author, Speaker and Joy Coach