Decision Making

In many cases going to university is the first time that your child will make important decisions on a daily basis, without having to factor a parent into the equation. This applies to simple decisions like what they eat for dinner, when they go to sleep, or more significant academic and social issues. I help them see that these decisions can impact their future and should be aligned with their values and long-term goals.

Time management organization & focus

The high intelligence level of many students with ADHD allows them to obtain good marks in high school without proper time-management and planning skills. However, starting assignments a couple nights before they are due is no longer a workable strategy. I teach them how to prioritize and plan their assignments from the time they receive them. I also share strategies to help them start and stay focused on the work that needs to get done. If helpful, I also provide accountability, by having them check in with me in-between sessions.


My 19 year old son Johnathon has had 10 sessions with Robert and has made great progress. Robert has helped him to manage personal challenges and stressful situations, as well as to identify and work with his strengths. Jphnathon has gained in self-awareness and self-confidence. He is more organized, focused and disciplined and has been doing much better in school. I’m so grateful that we found Robert and I look forward to his continued work with Johnathon such that he can achieve his true potential.
— Julie Kingston,  Scottsdale, Arizona 

Creating Structure

In university, students are not held accountable for attending classes. If they do not hand in an assignment, there will no teacher trying to figure out what is wrong; there is very little structure and supervision in their lives. I guide students to design a structure that creates balance between their academic responsibilities, health and social lives.


Many long-term friendships and important connections are established in university.  It can be a time when your son or daughter is exposed to, and needs to find a way to work with people who have different perspectives. I support their efforts to gain clarity and create strategies that will help them navigate relationship challenges and opportunities.


Thank you so much for being such a great mentor to Jacob. Now that you did all the heavy lifting, I relaxed into his company this weekend. We had a great time, well at least I did: found out about his life: friends, social life, interests, whatever he was willing to share. We debated politics and world issues; I rather enjoyed myself seeing how he’s developing. With deep  gratitude to you.
— Sarah Jacobs, Wickliffe, OH,

That’s good for an A average which is what I needed to be competitive for Bay Street jobs. I’m super happy with my results. Thanks a lot for all your help, you were a big part of it.
— Gregory Samson, Osgoode Hall Law School

ADHD University Coaching

Emotional Health

I have worked with students who have who have experienced a number of challenges:

  • They felt like an outsider in a unfamiliar environment

  • Experienced anxiety and/or depression

  • Struggled with low self esteem

  • Obtained poor academic results

How your son or daughter feels about themselves and their experience is crucial to their success in university and throughout their life. I provide them with tools to deal with anxiety and appropriate referrals as needed. 

Robert Pal continues to be an invaluable resource in helping my teenage son with ADHD navigate the sometimes overwhelming experience of transitioning from high school to post secondary education. He makes situations that we once daunting become manageable. I highly recommend Roberts supportive ADHD Councilling services to both students and parents alike!
— Julie, Breenen, Santa Monica. California