I am so grateful for our work together. You enabled me to embrace the way my brain works and the tools you gave me have been invaluable. I now can identify when my ADHD is pulling me into scattered directions, and I know the exact steps I need to take in those moments to bring it all back into control. I use my planning and meditation techniques daily and the positive impact they have had on my life and my family relationships is awesome. 
— Amy Stoddart, Chef & Owner, Say-She-Ate Cooking Studio


Time management & Organization

  • Prioritizing and focusing on what matters most

  • Creating a to-do list that works

  • Overcoming procrastination and managing transitions

  • Creating the right structure in your life


  • Insight into your needs, strengths and direction

  • Increased focus on what's most important to you

  • Seeing how your blind-spots maybe holding you back


  • Greater ability to step back from a situation/decision, giving yourself time to decide how best to respond

  • Increased productivity as your capacity to resist distractions increases 

  • Improved mood, stress management and sleep

  • Increased presence resulting in your awareness of greater possibilities

Emotional Health

  • Reduced anxiety and stress

  • Improved mood

  • Feel in control of your life instead of overwhelmed by it

  • Maintaining required effort and motivation


  • More self-confidence

  • Feel better about yourself and your future

  • Reduced doubt and self-criticism

Improved Relationships

  • Gain insight and learn practices to overcome relationship challenges

  • Understand your impact on other people

  • Develop better communication skills

  • Responding, rather than react to situations

  • Understand the impact of ADHD on your relationships

Roberts approach is quite different than most advisers and counselors. He is remarkably practical and results-oriented.
We collaborated on what issues were on my mind and how to best approach the resolution of those issues. The most remarkable part of his approach, however, was his ability to find a creative approach to almost any issues when there wasn’t an obvious answer available to me before I met with him.
— Sam Johnson, San Francisco, CA


My process produces solutions that are sustainable over the long term as they are based on my clients' strengths and experience. It's an approach tailored to each clients' individual needs and includes 4 steps::

Step one 

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your challenge(s)

Step three

  • Create "safe experiment" using real-life challenges which are then tested in between sessions

Step two

  • Developing a personalized strategy incorporating your strengths, new tools, greater awareness and goal setting

        Step four

  • Review results of these experiments and make necessary adjustments 

Clients praise Robert’s understanding, insight, and ability to help them channel and deploy their efforts in a successful and consistent direction. He’s a caring, compassionate and goal-oriented coach
— Dr. Mayer Hoffer Psychiatrist, ADHD Specialist

Robert provides the missing link in ADHD treatment . With his support clients are able to make changes that can greatly improve their quality of life.
— Dr. Gayle Klein,  Psychiatrist, Farmington, CT

Over the course of working with Robert, we developed a personalized program, integrating mindfulness with developing skills, strengths, and strategy. As a result, I was able to find meaning and get into flow with my work and life.
— Angela Jacobson, Seattle , Washington


The unique process I use is based on an integration of my success with clients, training in coaching and therapeutic methods, along with my 20 years of results oriented business experience.

Training and certification 

  • Solution focused brief coaching

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy

  • Positive psychology

  • Strength based Coaching and therapy

Business experience 

  • Created and ran successful fashion businesses

  • Past president, Toronto chapter of The Entrepreneur' Organization and member of International Strategic Planning Committee

  • One of only 65 entrepreneurs selected from across North America for a three year Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT - Sloan School of Management

  • Executive Coaching and Management Consulting

Robert helped me to understand my tendency to self-sabotage and opened my mind to see my blind spots. The results were fantastic. My career is back on track. I attribute my significant personal shift to Robert’s skills and ability as a coach.
— John McGuffey, Toronto

I’m amazed with my results and couldn’t be happier! It’s like my whole world changed for the better!
You’re a legend, Robert!
— Jacqui Wilton, Whitby, Ontario

It starts with one simple action...yet it can transform your life

It’s usually a small behavioural change that sets off a chain of events creating a more positive life experience.  A great example of this, and my personal inspiration comes from the prominent American psychiatrist, Milton Erickson. His client was a 85 year old woman who lived alone, had no friends, and was suffering from depression.  The only time she left her apartment was to go to church on Sundays.  Her one joy was her garden where she grew beautiful African Violets. Erickson suggested she look in her Church bulletin and choose someone who was celebrating a special event on Sunday and bring them a gift of one of her African Violets .She listened to his advice.  Ten years later he saw her name featured in a local paper:

"African Violet Flower Queen dead at 95, mourned by 1000's”

The article went on to describe how this woman had become famous for her African Violets and charitable work. Erickson gave her a simple action step,  realizing she could use her key strengths (commitment to her church and growing beautiful flowers) to increase her contact with like-minded people and thus reduce or eliminate her depression. 

Thank you again for everything you helped me with. I’ve never felt so in control of my professional life or more confident in my skills and abilities as a designer. You totally changed my life this summer and I’m incredibly grateful for your help.
— Lauren Kennedy, Designer and Editor

Robert’s down to earth coaching style made me feel comfortable right away. 
His skill and expertise enabled him to evaluate my needs and connect me to tools and actions that helped me not only rediscover my dreams, but to start to believe I could achieve them.
His guidance and support continues to help me build faith and trust in my strengths and abilities, enabling me to take the necessary steps to make my dreams a reality. 
I found Robert to be accepting, likeable, funny, motivational, intuitive and genuine.
— Shelly Logan, OCT, NZCT, Victoria, BC