Its not about learning Mindfulness or Meditation

It’s about experiencing how Mindful Intelligence can help you:

  • Making better decisions

  • Improving an important relationship

  • Responding better in challenging situations

  • Reaching your goals and overcoming your challenges

  • Reducing stress and negative self-judgment

  • Increased peace, fulfillment and happiness

Experiencing vs. Laarning

Everything we do together is in pursuit of either what you want or don’t want in your life.

When we dissuse an area of mindfulness or psychology it will be integrated with an aspect of your life.

At the end of each session we usually agree on a few goals. These goals would include integrating an aspect of what you learned towards an outcome you wanted. One client wanted direction in her life. It was very helpful when we found a way that she could practice and eventually apply the concept of acceptance to her situation. Another client who was already a top tennis player, signifigincalgy imporved hs game by increasing his abilty to see self judment while playing

When you start to experience in real life the benefit of what you learned earlier the learning becomes an experience and s much deeper

Your goal for the week could be to apply a specific aspect your learned to you

As part of each session will discuss a chapter in the book.

Deeper Learning

My role is to help you improve some part of your life, whatever its your relationships, business or mood. I do this by teaching you two skills:

  1. How to see more

  2. How to respond better

It might sound simple but it's not. The rapid pace of our lives forces our minds to be so busy that at important times it becomes difficult to see the big picture. We respond or make decisions that do not serve our long-term interest.

When we work together, I train you on how to slow an unhelpful part of your brain down. I do this because you could be missing an opportunity or misjudging a risk.? You need clarity on what is happening for the next level of leaning which is on how to interpret what we see.

Past sucesss or failures can easily distort your perception of reality

The next level, of course, is on how to respond. You will find that.

As you gain this skill of being present, not only are you getting better results. but they also feel more authentic.

What’s unique about my training is that it is done as we work on what is important to you Whatever its a goal or a challenge you want to overcome.

The time we spend working on business or personal goals, is intergrated with deeper learning.

While your mind is leaning a new way to experience life, ( Mindfully ( you are also making concrete steps towards your goals..


whatever there business or personally related is

When we study judgment, we look at how judgment could be negatively impacting your life.

What opportunity are there in our relationships or business that we see bec

When we work on the “ responding better” part it is unlikley that I will spend much time ion the question of why you have not responded well in the past.

If were looking at challange in a relationship, the best response might be to

I do this by intergratting tMindfulless, business

A transformational combination: mindfulness, business, and psychology

Significantly Improved results in your relationships, business and mood come down to two things

  • Seeing more

  • Responding better

This is not a generic process it is personalized to your needs. It.’s about problem solving and growth

Mindfulness: Slowing down enough to notice the opportunity and risk

Psychology: Understanding and overcoming your blocks

Busiess : Planning and taking the right action

Coaching: Providing the accountability

Mindful Intelligence - Seeing more & Responding Better

Significant Improvement comes down to two things

  1. Seeing more

  2. Responding better

Opportunities & Challenges

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 1.50.16 PM.png

A approach to your opportunities and challenges based on the principals of Mindful Intelligence.

  • Suppiour performance and satisfaction are directing related to your ability toi focus your attention

  • Focused attention

  • Presense

  • Sepearting judgment from reality

  • Creating the future, but acceptting what is happening now

  • Awareness when your not responding in your best interest

  • Creating a choice in how you respond

Robert is that rare combination of business coach and healer in one.
His way of listening helped my insights and awareness unfold, enabling change and growth in my personal life as well.
— Susan Gottlieb, VP and Wealth Advisor, Toronto



There varied and depending on your need. These are some of the benefits that my clients have experienced

  • Clarity

  • Greater perspective

  • Time management

  • Better decision making

  • Improved tennis game

  • Changed relationships

  • : reduce stress,

  • improve focus,

  • raise performance

  • improve interpersonal relationships

  • Simplley issues that seem complex



Not for everyone


  • Openness to see things from a larger perspective

  • Willingness to look at a change the way you respond to people and sitaiton

  • Spend 10-20 minutes a day on follow up work

  • 3 month commiment of weekly meetings of up to 90 minutes


January - 7th

Mid March

Sept 10-nove


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