Are you a successful business leader seeking growth, or a professional struggling to get ahead? Have you been diagnosed with or suspect you have ADHD? Tried coaching but weren't satisfied with the results?

Then you are share common experiences with the clients I have been most able to help with these personal and professional challenges:

  • Organization & planning
  • Reducing or eliminating anxiety
  • Building greater self-confidence
  • Time management
  • Balancing priorities
  • Dealing with relationship issues

Outcomes my executive clients welcome include

  • Managing conflicting demands & setting priorities  
  • Discovering new & actionable solutions
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Making timely decisions  and better manage transitions
  • Creating a clear vision & plan for their business or career
  • Focusing on their strengths & knowing what to delegate

I invite you to request a consultation if you

  • are serious about making the most of your life
  • are ready and able to invest in yourself for measurable results, and
  • want desperately to turning your ADHD from a "dis"-ablity into ability

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I am so grateful for our work together. You enabled me to embrace the way my brain works and the tools you gave me have been invaluable. I now can identify when my ADHD is pulling me into scattered directions, and I know the exact steps I need to take in those moments to bring it all back into control. I use my planning and meditation techniques daily and the positive impact they have had on my life and my family relationships is awesome.
I look forward to working together again in the future!
— Amy Stoddart, Chef & Owner, Say-She-Ate Cooking Studio


Time management & Organization

  • Prioritizing and focusing on what matters most

  • Creating a to-do list that works

  • Overcoming procrastination and managing transitions

  • Creating the right structure in your life


  • Insight into your needs, strengths and direction

  • Increased focus on what's most important to you

  • Seeing how your blind-spots maybe holding you back


  • Greater ability to step back from a situation/decision, giving yourself time to decide how best to respond

  • Increased productivity as your capacity to resist distractions increases 

  • Improved mood, stress management and sleep

  • Increased presence resulting in your awareness of greater possibilities

Emotional Health

  • Reduced anxiety and stress

  • Improved mood

  • Feel in control of your life instead of overwhelmed by it

  • Maintaining required effort and motivation


  • More self-confidence

  • Feel better about yourself and your future

  • Reduced doubt and self-criticism

Improved Relationships

  • Gain insight and learn practices to overcome relationship challenges

  • Understand your impact on other people

  • Develop better communication skills

  • Responding, rather than react to situations

  • Understand the impact of ADHD on your relationships

Robert has a unique gift in his ability to easily relate to people and create the type of environment of trust where true openness and learning occurs. He brings a sense of humor, a true sensitivity rooted in personal experience and a caring approach that make him a great coach.
— Sean Magennis President and Chief Operating Officer at YPO


My process produces solutions that are sustainable over the long term as they are based on my clients' strengths and experience. It's an approach tailored to each client's individual needs and includes 4 steps:

Step one 

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your challenge(s)

Step three

  • Create "safe experiment" using real-life challenges which are then tested in between sessions

Step two

  • Developing a personalized strategy incorporating your strengths, new tools, greater awareness and goal setting

        Step four

  • Review results of these experiments and make necessary adjustments 

Robert is that rare combination of business coach and healer in one. Yes, we worked together and created the structure I needed for more success and less stress in my work life. But at the same time, his way of listening helped my insights and awareness unfold, enabling change and growth in my personal life as well.
— Susan Gottlieb, VP and Wealth Advisor, Toronto


Robert provides the missing link in ADHD treatment . With his support clients are able to make changes that can greatly improve their quality of life.
— Dr. Gayle Klein, Psychiatrist, Farmington, CT


The unique process I use is based on an integration of my success with clients, training in coaching and therapeutic methods, along with my 20 years of results oriented business experience.

Training and certification 

  • Solution focused brief coaching

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy

  • Positive psychology

  • Strength based Coaching and therapy

Business experience 

  • Created and ran successful fashion businesses

  • Past president, Toronto chapter of The Entrepreneur' Organization and member of International Strategic Planning Committee

  • One of only 65 entrepreneurs selected from across North America for a three year Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT - Sloan School of Management

As CEO of a small business, life can be very lonesome and the day-to-day responsibility of running the business can be very overwhelming. One of the best business decisions I have ever made was to enlist the help of Robert Pal. As an entrepreneur and successful businessman, Rob is the ideal sounding board. He’s astute and his business acumen allows him to cut through the clutter of a problem, and provide sound and actionable solutions. In addition, Rob holds me accountable for my actions which is an invaluable motivator to get things done. Rob has been a source of inspiration, encouragement and unwavering support. He has helped me to articulate, and ultimately execute on tactics to achieve my goals, navigate through rough terrains, and the confidential nature of our relationships allows me to speak candidly about anything that is on my mind. I highly recommend Rob Pal time, and time, (and time!) again.
— Julie Grant, Chicago Illinois