Would you choose to:

  • Respond better in situations that you find difficult

  • Understand your blind-spots and what you believe is your tendency for self-sabotage

  • Improve your relationship with your partner or child

  • Get started on something that’s important to you

  • Discover ways to manage or eliminate anxiety

  • Feel happier


Working one on one, and as a group, our time together will be spent discovering new ways to create the changes that each member wants in their lives

It was enlightening. I was being guided to be really honest with myself and get to that obvious truth. To do it individually, and with my forum mates was a very bonding experience.
— Irfaan Lalani, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, Vibe Restaurants

Our experience with Robert was life-changing. He did more than just teach, he shared with us what it means to survive and flourish through personal discovery and perseverance. Robert teaches one how to get through adversity through mindfulness and self-awareness. What makes Robert effective in a way that few can replicate is the simple fact that he is: REAL. His life experiences are not imagined or scripted-they are real and unique as to Robert. Yet, he is willing to share his very personal trials and tribulations in a way that make his teachings and message truly real and authentic.
— Alan J. Yacoubian, Managing Partner,  Johnson, Yacoubian & Paysse 

Thank you again for your excellent guidance and facilitation on Friday. Definitely the best retreat facilitation this Forum has had.
— Chris Reade, President at LookFar

Take Home

  • Greater clarity on your situation

  • Recognizing when your ability to analyze and respond to a situation is compromised

  • Creating  a 'space' so that you can gain a greater understanding on what is actually happening, both in the situation and within yourself

  • Responding  and making decisions that are aligned with your long term goals

A Unique Forum Experience

  • Our time together will have both a group  and an individual  focus as I integrate my executive coaching into the supportive structure provided by forum. 

  • This will provide you with an opportunity to take a closer look at your thoughts, emotions and behaviours, along with the habitual responses they generate.

  • The tools and strategies that we’ll be working with are based on the latest in psychology & neuroscience research.

Thank you for your support, guidance and feedback over the past year. You have a unique way of listening, framing the situation, stretching the mind, and respecting my experience
Your supportive, nonjudgmental touch allows me to be more comfortable, creating a space leading to my breakthroughs!
— James F Kenefick , Former Chair of YPO International Corporate Social Responsibility
I have known Robert for approximately 17 years and for 3 of those years participated in his EO Forum where he was the moderator.
Robert has a unique gift in his ability to easily relate to people and create the type of environment of trust where true openness and learning occurs.
— Sean Magennis , Chief Operating Officer, The Young Presidents Organization YPO


Robert Pal